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Adult Bikeability lessons - a
new cycling proficiency course

Bikeability is the only nationally recognised award for cycle training. It is an improved version of the old cycling proficiency course. Wycombe Cycle Training is a Bikeability accredited training provider.

Bikeability is taught in some schools and government grants are available to subsidise the courses for children aged between 9 and 16. Unfortunately there are no grants available for adults.

Courses are available for individuals or groups of up to six. 1:1 lessons are charged at 30/hr. The price for group lessons will vary depending on the size of the group. Please call the office on 01494 718888 for a quote.

Participants will receive a certificate and a badge on successful completion of each level.

See the information panel below for a summary of the syllabus for each level. For further information visit the Bikeability website.
Bikeability lessons - Wycombe Cycle Training

The Bikeability syllabus

Level 1 - normally a two hour session This course teaches basic bicycle handling skills and usually takes place in a traffic free environment. Students complete cycling exercises including steering, selecting gears, looking behind and using arm signals. They must already to be able to ride a bike in a straight line to join the course. If they can't, private lessons on riding a bike unaided can be arranged prior to the course.

Level 2 - normally a six hour course - 4 x 1.5hr sessions This course concentrates on the skills needed to cycle safely on minor roads. The syllabus includes moving off and stopping safely in traffic, road positioning and turning at junctions.

Level 3 - normally a three hour course - 2 x 1.5hr sessions This course covers more complicated traffic environments and using busy roads. The syllabus includes negotiating traffic lights and roundabouts, hazard perception, filtering, route planning and using cycle lanes.