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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to wear a helmet?
It is not compulsory by law to wear a helmet when cycling but we recommend it for both on and off-road cycling. We insist that participants wear helmets during our cycle training sessions. Helmets should fit snugly and sit just above the eyebrows, positioned squarely. Straps should be untwisted and you should be able to fit two fingers between the strap and the chin. Adjust the side straps so the buckle sits just under each ear.

Can I cycle on the pavement?
Strictly speaking no - it is illegal to cycle on the pavement. The exception is where there is a shared cycle and walking route which is indicated by signs and markings displayed along the route.

Can you repair my bike?
No, but we can recommend The Mobile Bicycle Workshop, Rignall Road, Great Missenden HP16 9AN. Call/text Martin Wilkins on 07739614579 or email: martin@cycle-tech.co.uk Martin is part of CycleTech UK, which is the largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics in Britain, offering a local service with national support. More info: www.cycletechuk.com

How will I benefit from taking up cycling?
Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equivalent to being 10 years younger. Cycling short journeys instead of driving will reduce your fuel bill and help save the environment - 50% of personal journeys are under two miles long. You will feel exhilarated and enjoy a sense of achievement after every ride and your stress levels will reduce. You will tone up your muscles and may lose weight.

At what age can my children start cycling with me?
You can start cycling with your children from when they are a baby (typically 3 months) transporting them in a carrier strapped into a child trailer. When children can sit upright, (c.9 months) front/rear child seats become possible and can take them up to about 5 years old. When your child is able to balance and ride their own bike, (usually from 3 years), they can accompany you on off-road routes. By four years old trailer bikes become viable for longer trips as do a child-back tandem. Both allow the child to take part and pedal when they want to. Some children are capable of riding on quieter roads with an adult from about six years old, but this does vary. We recommend that children are supervised at a young age and that they have some cycle training before they take to venturing out onto the road alone.

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Why is my chain making a clicking noise when I pedal?
A clicking noise can be a result of the chain rubbing against the front gear-changer bracket. It is normal for the chain to do this when you have your chain going diagonally between the largest, outer front chain cog, and the largest, inner, rear cassette gear, or, the reverse: the inner front and outer back. It is not best practise to use these gear combinations.

How can I stop people stealing my bike if I forget my lock?
If you can't take the bike indoors with you or keep it in sight, you could deter thieves by locking the front brake on. This will prevent a thief from cycling away as the bike won't roll. To do this, unscrew the adjustment barrel on the front brake until the brake is locking the front wheel tightly. Alternatively, if your bike has a quick release front wheel, it would be a better deterrent to remove the front wheel and take it with you.