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Intermediate standard cycling lessons for adults

intermediate cycling lessons with Wycombe Cycle Training Intermediate lessons are for those who can already ride a bike but need to learn how to cycle safely on the road.

We run a full course of six hours which covers basic junctions, road procedure and hazard perception, enabling you to cycle safely on quiet roads. We also offer hourly lessons for those who already have road experience but lack confidence with particular areas of their cycling.

We welcome individuals, small groups of friends and clubs.

intermediate cycling lessons with Wycombe Cycle Training
Riding Safely on the Road Course
6hrs (4 x 1.5hr lessons)

This course is for riders who are ready to start cycling on roads for the first time, or for those who already cycle on roads but feel unsafe or are unsure of the rules.

You will learn how to move off and stop safely in traffic, safe road positioning and the protocol for turning into side roads and emerging onto a main road. By the end of the course you will be able to ride correctly and competently on quiet roads and have an increased awareness of the dangers of sharing the road with cars.

The course is tailored to suit the standard and ability of the participants. Therefore, if quick progress is made, further subjects will be covered as appropriate. To take part you need to be able to cycle unaided, be comfortable with gear changes, steering, looking behind and making arm signals. If not, beginner lessons can be arranged beforehand.

This course is aimed at individuals and small groups of friends. Classes are booked individually - we do not merge groups. We can accommodate a maximum of 12 pupils at a time with two instructors or six pupils with one instructor. Please note, we may insist on two instructors being present for groups of six or less where there is mixed ability.

Group size:
Maximum instructor/pupil ratio = 1:6
Maximum group size = 12

1:1 tuition - £180   (£30/hr)
2:1 tuition - £210   (£17.50/hr each)
3:1 tuition - £225   (£12.50/hr each)
4:1 tuition - £240   (£10/hr each)
5:1 tuition - £255   (£8.50/hr each)
6:1 tuition - £270   (£7.50/hr each)

Please call the office for a quote if your party is larger than six.

Payment in full is due at the start of the first lesson. Once the course has started, no refunds will be given to participants who fail to attend lessons. All bikes will be checked for safety at the start of the first session. If your bike is unsafe and we cannot fix it for you quickly, you will not be allowed to take part until your bike is in a safe condition.
Single Lessons - Intermediate Standard

These lessons are ideal for those who just need a few lessons to help them with a particular aspect of their cycling. Just tell us your problems and we'll fix them. Here are some examples:

• I'm useless with gears - they crunch and jump and I can never find the right one
• My friend and I have decided to take up cycling to get fit but we haven't ridden a bike since we were children and want a few lessons to build up our confidence
• I hate pulling out to turn right into side roads and feel nervous around cars
• I just want an hour long lesson to check I am positioning and signally correctly for junctions
• We have decided to go on a cycling holiday for my Hen Weekend and we would like a lesson to show how us how to cycle safely as a group
• I wobble when I signal and I'm too scared to take my hand off the handle bars to hold my water bottle
• I keep getting boxed in and stuck, especially around parked cars

Group size:
Maximum instructor/pupil ratio = 1:6

1:1 tuition - £30
2:1 tuition - £17.50 each
3:1 tuition - £12.50 each
4:1 tuition - £10 each
5:1 tuition - £8.50 each
6:1 tuition - £7.50 each